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Welcome To Kapeleta
We are here to help each other dream, work, succeed


At Kapeleta we have a social responsibility of taking care of our communities to help develop the nations by first helping those that are in lack of everyday life's basics to every person that has the need.

Many Africans are living below the poverty line and we have made it our duty to reachout to these people by providing the everyday basic needs that will just not only help them live the everyday life but also help them dream, work and succeed.

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Technology in Africa is very growing that's why at Kapeleta we realise the need of bring you cutting edge devices that move at the worlds technological pace.

Explore our high end smartphones that not only stands for you in communication but give you the best fun.

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We would like to join hands with you and work as a team at Kapeleta in providing to the nations the best solutions that will succeed every African soul.

We have a continuing growing need to recruit in sales, management, computing, finance, hospitality, agriculture. If you think you are qualified, understanding and have the Kapeleta mindset to join our team, then show us your interest. Contribute your skills so that we can make our dreams work and succeed, we would like to be a team with you.

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